“Verga 1947 racchiude oltre 75 anni frutto di passione, dedizione e amore verso l'orologeria”
Umberto Verga
Dalla fondazione al primo punto vendita nel 1947
The Verga family's adventure in the fascinating world of watchmaking began way back after the war. A story animated by great passion and professionalism that has unfolded for over 75 years through four generations. The founder of watchmaking is Luigi Verga, a great master watchmaker.

After solid technical and commercial experience as director and head of the assistance laboratory at Orologeria Giudici, Luigi Verga decides to fulfill his dream of creating his own business.

This is how he opened his first store in 1947, at the time measuring 25 square meters and with a single window overlooking Via Mazzini. Alongside his father Luigi there was already Valerio Verga, then seventeen years old, who would soon become a fundamental figure in the continuation of the dynasty, and proudly remembers how the Rolex sign was present from the first day.

The 1950s began in the midst of an economic boom and the Verga 1947 shop in via Mazzini continued to grow commercially and get bigger: there were two windows and the internal surface area increased considerably. Luigi Verga, as a technical expert, realizes the importance of the after-sales assistance service and thus creates the space for a repair laboratory.
From the 1950s to the opening of the repair workshop
The 70s and 80s are those of the consolidation of the business, the shop grows further and in 1987 reaches a surface area of ​​75 m2, with three large windows - which will become four in 2014 - displaying the most prestigious high-end brands of Swiss watchmaking.

It was 1984, and alongside Valerio Verga, the third generation entered the company with Umberto Verga, then 21 years old and Valerio's son, who - like his father - would soon become a cornerstone of Via Mazzini.
1988 marks another important turning point for the Verga family thanks to the arrival of the Patek Philippe concession. Thus began a fundamental new collaboration with the Brand, which joins other prestigious names already present in the House, and the shop rightfully becomes part of the elite of Milanese watch shops of the time.
The arrival of the Patek Philippe concession
From youth fashion to modern luxury, the evolving history of Verga watchmaking
Two years later, the second shop, “Verga Ore Oggi”, was inaugurated on the corner of the same building. Initially specialized in affordable youth models, such as Swatch, Citizen and Dodo jewellery, it changed its look over the years and in 2013 became a point of reference for modern "second wrist" watches. Thus the brand also changes to "Verga Luxury Watches": not only a new name, but also a renovation of the Boutique, increasingly refined and comfortable, to allow customers to enjoy the experience of choosing and purchasing "second-hand" watches. wrist” proposed, and belonging to the best Swiss brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Audemars Piguet.

The Verga story moves on to 1997 which marks another important moment in the family's history: the shop in Via Mazzini is recognized among the Historic Shops of Milan, receiving a plaque which consecrates its entrance and which is still present in the Boutique today. In the same year, fifty years after the first opening, a new shop was inaugurated located in Corso Vercelli, one of the most elegant streets in Milan.

The years pass and Verga 1947 continues to grow, marking in 2014 a new concept of the spaces of the first store in Via Mazzini. A total revolution in the layout and design of the sales area, laboratory and offices.
But the Verga family does not stop and in December 2015 inaugurated the multi-brand store in Via Capelli 6 - the futuristic street that connects Piazza Gae Aulenti and Corso Como. A great bet for an area that was still growing in those years, but which managed to provide excellent results in a very short time. It is in this new store that the fourth generation sets foot with the young Federico Verga, Umberto's son. The passion for timepieces is a true family tradition that is perpetuated, so Federico, after having already worked alongside his father and grandfather, learned to move in the world of watchmaking, arriving at the management of the recently inaugurated shop. In the same period, Umberto's eldest son, Riccardo Verga, also entered the family business, initially in the historic boutique in Via Mazzini and later in the effervescent Via Capelli.
Verga 1947 in Via Capelli 6 and the entrance of the fourth generation
New horizons in Milan with the fourth store
Verga 1947 is now a company and in 2022 it senses that it is the right time to "colonize" what is the new business area of ​​Milan, i.e. the Gae Aulenti area, which has now become an icon of change, business and image of an increasingly international and future-oriented city. Thanks to the excellent feedback obtained from the store opened in 2015, the far-sighted family decides to focus once again on the district and open a new space dedicated to the luxury segment. The fourth Verga 1947 store was thus inaugurated in November 2022, in Via Capelli 4, dedicated to the sale of the prestigious Rolex, Cartier, Tudor and Pomellato brands. “Our ambition is to further strengthen our presence in what stands out as one of the most fervent areas of the city, creating the first watchmaking street outside the historic center of Milan, our city, which we love and want to contribute to making it increasingly a European capital" declares Umberto Verga, President Verga 1947
In the same month, what was already the multi-brand store in Via Capelli 6 was transformed into the Patek Philippe store, under the Verga 1947 banner. For the first time, a single-brand store dedicated entirely to the iconic Swiss company. A consolidated bond since 1988, a year of important turning point for the Verga family thanks to the arrival of the Patek Philippe concession. At the same time, the historic shop in Via Mazzini 3 is also transformed, thanks to an expansion of the space dedicated to the laboratory on the first floor and the creation of a lounge designed for more private moments.
New space dedicated to Patek Philippe
Innovations and continued growth in 2023
The story continues and reaches the end of 2023, when Verga 1947 inaugurates a new laboratory on the first floor of the Historic Shop in Via Mazzini in order to further improve the after-sales service, which has always been the pride of the Company, given the past as a watchmaker technician of the founder Luigi Verga. The Company also continues its mission to preside over the cosmopolitan area of ​​Gae Aulenti by opening a new space in Via Capelli, which will be internally connected to the current multi-brand store at number 4. Professionalism, seriousness and competence have been the basis since the beginning of the growth of VERGA 1947, combined with the intense relationship and closeness with the city of Milan.
“Verga 1947, now in its fourth generation of excellence in watchmaking, turns its gaze to the future while maintaining its heritage and the dedication that has always distinguished us”
Riccardo and Federico Verga
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